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The Book Writing Coach

Having trained as a journalist gives me an edge as a book coach—I know the right questions to ask and I know what makes good writing.

I'm also a writer myself, a published author, so I know the challenges you're facing.

I've been a small business owner for 35 years and have also worked for both corporates and small businesses in roles as diverse as project management, corporate librarian, and documentation specialist.

I can support you in writing your nonfiction OR fiction book. Over the past 20 years as a professional book writing coach and professional editor, I've supported writers with most genres, from speculative fiction to self-help and business books.

No matter your background, the reason you want to write a book, or the type of book you want to write, I'm here to support your writing journey.

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How can we help you with your writing?

All book genres welcome!

While many book writing coaches specialise in government, business,  academic, or other nonfiction writing, I have the knowledge, proven experience, and flexibility to work successfully with many different genres, and I love the variety!

So whether you write fiction or nonfiction—novels (all genres), short stories, children’s stories, educational stories, self-help books, business books—I can support you from the start of your book-writing journey to the end of it.

Gail Taggaro Headshot

Gail Tagarro

Accredited Editor (AE) 2008, MA Linguistics 1986, Dipl Journalism 1971

What people say

Margaret Chappell

Thank you for a wonderful 6 months of Monday mornings to start my week. It will seem strange not having you on screen to inspire me for the week! I have thoroughly enjoyed our time. That sounds like 'Goodbye' but it's not, I can assure you. I wouldn't have completed the book had you not encouraged and supported me. Six months ago, I didn't have an ending to my manuscript, didn't know what direction I was taking with it. I was just stuck! Then I made the decision that my life had to change. We had returned from a half lap of Australia, property sitting 160 head of cattle. If it wasn't cattle I was caring for, it was grandchildren and I'm too old to raise the next generation! I felt like the cow that I saw stuck in the mud and it was you who lifted me from it, so a HUGE THANK YOU! I really appreciate it. Once I get my book published, we’re coming to the Gold Coast and shouting you to a long dinner!

Margaret Chappell

Margaret is a former nurse, corrective services officer, chef, patissier, professional writing graduate, and now soon-to-be published author. She completed her first novel of 100,000+ words.

photo of darren mort barrister author producer and actor

Gail gave me a sense of security and achievement each week and her constructive criticism along the journey was highly valuable and well founded. Over the six months I have been able to complete my novel and write over 110,000 words! I have been so thrilled to have her on board and travel the journey with me. Gail has added so much to my novel with all her experience and expert advice.

Darren’s novel Isla's Song is published by Wilkinson Publishing (https://www.wilkinsonpublishing.com.au/product/islas-song/)

Darren Mort

Darren Mort is a Barrister, Author, Producer, and Actor. He also heads a charity for children affected by family breakups. Darren completed The Book Writing Academy program and wrote & published his first novel 'Isla's Song'.

Justine Inglis

What I liked best about the program was that I found Gail to be warm, friendly and welcoming without judgement and I enjoyed connecting each week. This connection gave me a feeling of being supported in my writing journey. My takeaway is the feeling that my writing is important and that I need to be more accountable to my writing commitment. This was made much easier with Gail providing a presence that kept me to account. I felt as though someone actually cared. I had a real sense of achievement and pride when I had managed to write the 3,,000 words each week, which kept me engaged more. I write better when I have a sounding board to help me with my thoughts and getting these onto paper. To anyone thinking about writing their book with the support of a coach, I say, 'Just do it! Don’t overthink it. Fight the urge to self-sabotage and sink into the imposter syndrome that I did initially.' It was the best decision I made for myself.

Justine Inglis

Justine Inglis completed an ‘Appetiser’ program to kick-start her book. Justine's book is about her journey through life with the little-known condition PKU.

Stuart Milton

Gail has a distinct talent for transforming a disorganised jumble of words into coherent and engaging writing. Whether you are an aspiring writer or an established one, she instils confidence in you if you feel apprehensive about the writing process. With Gail on my side, I felt empowered to tackle my writing project and finally bring to life that book I’ve always dreamed of completing.

Stuart Milton

Stuart Milton completed an ‘Appetiser’ program to kick-start his novel-writing journey. He’s writing a crime thriller which is ... thrilling!

Kaye Livingstone

Working with Gail to write my book was the best decision I’ve ever made. Before working with Gail my head was full of the story but I kept drawing a frustrating blank. What I appreciated most about the program was Gail's innate ability to identify what I needed at any given stage. Some weeks I would be feeling hopeless but Gail would unhesitatingly unjumble my words and my thoughts, straightening them out in a logically transparent process for me to begin work again with vigour, renewed by all the encouragement and support to move forward.

Kay Livingstone

Kaye Livingstone, Owner/Operator vehicle workshop, completed her 95,000-word story to help other women in male-dominated workplaces.


They say every book needs a brilliant editor. You will find just such an editor in Gail Tagarro! I was truly blessed to discover Gail when seeking an Accredited Editor for my first book. With her warm personality, professional attitude, outstanding literacy skills, and extensive knowledge and experience in the publishing world, she is definitely a priceless jewel among editors.

Gail’s editorial skills are superb. She skilfully polished my manuscript to a clean finish. I would have been lost without her expert guidance. Gail makes it a top priority to help her clients tell the story they want to tell. I will be forever grateful to her for being an editor I can trust and for becoming a very good friend.

Her prices are affordable and she is prompt in her communication. If you’re in need of an honest, reliable, and professional editor, I highly recommend Gail. Trust me, she definitely deserves each of the 5 out of 5 stars I give her!

Sarah M.M. Turner

Sarah M. M. Turner published her YA fantasy fiction book 'Rhiannon McBride and the Dragon’s Cup' in 2022. The sequel is currently being edited.

Bianca Williams award-winning author of Sidelined trilogy

I found Gail in 2013 during an Instagram search. I was an eager debut author with a completed first draft that, I soon found out, was in shambles! Gail, the sweetest person you would ever meet, told me in the kindest, yet brutally honest way, that we had a lot of work to do! Referring to Gail as 'just my editor doesn't do her justice. She is my editor, my mentor, and writing coach. And while we dissected an 80,000-word rough draft, we developed a bond that only she could make me focus and 'do the work' to put it back together again.

It was hard and extremely challenging, but her encouragement, industry knowledge, inspiring emails, and hilarious comments kept me going. Gail is no longer just my editor; she is a true friend (who I still contract to edit my work).

Bianca Williams https://www.bwillbooks.com/ 

Bianca Williams

Bianca won the Best Book Award for African-American Fiction in 2017. She's the award-winning author of the sports romance series 'Sidelined'. Book One 'The Draft' was released in 2017 and won the USA Best Book Award and was a finalist in the National Indie Excellence Awards. Book Two 'The Penalty' was released in 2018. Book Three 'The Contract' was released in 2020.

photo of david alomes author of first adult series

Gail has completed the edit of my two novels. Over the process of both books, she has made my novels read like a pro. She has challenged me as an aspiring author and has gotten involved in my novels, pointing out logic errors and where I need to improve. Every good story needs a good editor, but in Gail, you get a GREAT one. I would strongly recommend her services to anyone who is serious about their work.

First Adult: https://amzn.to/4bvej7E

The Death of Violence: https://amzn.to/4csTESG

David Alomes

David Alomes is the former owner of his own accountancy business. He has published the first two books in his 'The Adult Trilogy'

Adam Bude

Gail was the ultimate professional. I was nervous sending my manuscript over at first, but the work Gail did to bring my book 'The Art of Authentic Selling' to life was amazing. I spent lots of time searching and interviewing for the right editor, and I am incredibly grateful I was referred to Gail. Gail was prompt, affordable, and always available to talk via the phone or email when needed. Nothing was too much and her work was outstanding. I was so impressed, she also edited my daughter's fantasy tween fiction book as well. Thanks Gail, I HIGHLY recommend you!!

Adam Bude

Adam Bude is the owner of The Authentic Sales Training Academy.

Colour 3B83B9

Gail’s eBook Ten Ways to Supercharge Your Writing Skills is highly recommended for anyone who writes, beginners and established writers alike. The text is presented in an easy to understand way, offering invaluable advice to get you writing to the highest standard. If you are learning to be your best or just brushing up your skills, this book is a great way to do so. Well worth the purchase!
Gail is highly recommended, professional, and efficient.

C.B. MacKenzie

C.B. MacKenzie wrote An Ancient Blade, Book One of the Sword of Kelturan series.

Colour DBDAC6

I was in the process of starting a small business and needed some help with writing a description for our products, I came across Gail. We spoke over the phone regarding what I needed and she was the nicest person to speak to and very professional. I have trouble with grammar, and usually feel intimated by people that can write beautifully, but I felt so comfortable speaking to Gail. I sent her all our descriptions for the products and she returned the finished product within the timeframe we had discussed. Her words and work were just beautiful, and it was exactly what I needed to convey on our website.
I highly recommend Gail and I can guarantee anyone using this service will be extremely impressed. The cost was absolutely reasonable and worth every cent.

Vanessa Timothy

Vanessa Timothy needed guidance and support for the content on her website and products.

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