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Why do you need a book writing coach?

Let's say you have a great idea for a book. It may be a book to support your business - to position yourself as an authority in your field. You may want to write a novel, or a memoir as a legacy for your family, or a self-help book. Whatever your topic or genre, and no matter how important this book is to you, you're struggling! With our book coaching & writing programs, struggle no more!

As a book writing coach, I help you pull your book together - at whatever stage of your writing journey you happen to be. Many aspiring writers who work with me are at the very beginning of their journey.

Writers generally struggle for these reasons:

  • Failing to start: 'I don't know how to start'
  • Clarity around the subject: 'I don't know what topic to write about'
  • Lack of confidence: 'I've never written a book before & I don't know if I can'
  • Lack of accountability: 'I've tried many times to write a book but I lose momentum.'

A writing journey tailored to you

Choose the writing journey that best suits you from the courses below.

If you're someone disciplined who just needs a kickstart, you may opt for one of the self-led programs.

If you like to work with a coach to encourage, mentor, and support you, and give you the accountability you need, then one of the coach-supported programs is going to suit you better.

Check out the program descriptions below, and click through the links for more details on each one.


Writing to Heal: Metamorphosis

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Writing to Heal is a 3-month program lovingly created to truly help you express, explore, and make sense of your emotions and experiences. This course includes other therapies and healing modalities to complement and support your writing journey. The program also contains a whole bunch of resources – videos, podcasts, books, healers – to further support your writing to heal process.

The Writer's Starter Kit You Didn’t Know You Needed: Begin your Book with a Bang!

This program is for writers who need to get going on their book but don’t know where to start. It is a fully self-led online program that guides you through seven modules, each module leading to the next logical step. By the end of the modules, you are fully set up to write all the chapters of your book.

Get Your Book to the Finish Line™ DIY

This program suits writers who want the content from the GROUP MASTERY program with the flexibility of working at their own pace. It is a fully self-led, online program, designed to get you from zero to the first draft of your book.

Get Your Book to the Finish Line™ GROUP MASTERY

This program combines weekly group coaching and fortnightly 1:1 coaching via Zoom.

You are fully guided through writing your book, starting with the practicalities of scheduling writing into your lifestyle, and planning and structuring your book, all the way to finishing the first draft.

Writing sprints and exercises, mainly working on your own book, are a major component of the program.

The Book Writing Academy

This 6-month mentorship program includes weekly 1:1 coaching, weekly reviews of your writing*, and free editing of the completed manuscript.*

Bonus material you receive includes recorded Zoom sessions and all the resource material from Get Your Book to the Finish Line™ GROUP MASTERY.

You also receive email support Mon to Fri 9-5 for questions between coaching calls, and on-demand module creation to address any personal writing queries or challenges.

*conditions apply


Is your intention to...

1. Write your book?

Starter Kit

- Fully self-led

- 7 modules

- Accessible

- Get started with your book


- Fully self-led

- 12 modules

- Step-by-step guides to write your book

- Get the first draft of your book

Group Mastery

- Group & 1:1 support

- 12 weeks

- Fully guided

- Get the first draft of your book

- Discounts on editing


- 1:1 Mentorship

- Highest level support

- 6 months

- Bonus material

- Get a polished draft of your book

- Writing reviews & complimentary editing

best value!


2. Use writing to heal?

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- Intimate group support for your writing to heal journey

- 12 weeks:

* 2 introductory sessions

* 8 free-flow writing sessions

* Talks on Truth, Forgiveness, Self-love & Letting Go; and Emotional Intelligence & Mastery

- Emotional regulation tools

- Referral practitioners

- Supportive material


Meet Gail Tagarro

Gail Tagarro is a book writing coach and Accredited Editor. She has a degree in news journalism and a Master of Arts in Linguistics. She has a background in journalism, corporate business analysis and documentation management, editing books of all genres, and coaching.

Gail is an author herself, having written an historical novel, a self-help nonfiction book on improving your writing, and countless corporate procedures and IT documentation.

She has been working with other writers since the early 2000s, helping them with book coaching & writing programs, professional editing, manuscript appraisals and publishing know-how.

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