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editors4you.com is committed to providing professional and high-quality editorial and pre-publishing services. These Terms and Conditions set out what you can expect from editors4you.com and your responsibilities when working with editors4you.com. By using editors4you.com, you accept the following Terms and Conditions.

The client bears full and absolute responsibility for: 

  1. The content, presentation, quality, final use, and submission of all documents
  2. The decision to implement any changes or corrections suggested by editors4you.com
  3. Research and originality of all material provided to editors4you.com
  4. Keeping backup copies of all material provided to editors4you.com
  5. Obtaining a specific quotation for the document or project prior to submitting the work to editors4you.com and paying a deposit
  6. Providing a functional email address to receive communication and completed work from editors4you.com
  7. Making a 50% deposit to editors4you.com for the project before work commences and paying the balance upon completion and prior to receipt of the edited document (unless editors4you.com has agreed otherwise). For amounts less than $1000, the full amount is generally payable before work commences, unless editors4you.com agrees otherwise
  8. Paying a non-refundable booking fee of $100 (or the 50% deposit) to secure the booking. If either the booking fee or the 50% deposit is not paid, the booking cannot be confirmed. If the client cancels the booking, the $100 booking fee will not be refunded. If the client has paid the 50% deposit instead of the booking fee, and the client cancels the booking, the deposit will be refunded less $100
  9. Providing final sign-off for work completed by editors4you.com. If editors4you.com has not heard from the client within seven days of returning the edited document, editors4you.com will assume the client has approved the work and editors4you.com shall bear no further responsibility for same
  10. Advising editors4you.com at least seven days prior to the agreed booking date if the client will not be able to supply the document to editors4you.com on or prior to agreed booking date
  11. Paying a late fee equivalent to 5% of the total quoted price for each day the document is delayed by the client. If the client has advised editors4you.com in writing of any delays at least seven days before the agreed booking date, the late fee will be waived
  12. Requesting a quotation for a second edit and final proofread of the manuscript after the first edit and client review of the edited manuscript is complete, or advising editors4you.com they do not require this service. A second edit and final proofread are highly recommended; however, it is the client's prerogative to decline this service if they wish.
  13. While editors4you.com appreciates some clients wish to acknowledge editors4you.com's contribution to the book, once the final edit of the manuscript is complete and the manuscript is returned to the client, editors4you.com loses editorial control. Therefore, if any changes to the manuscript are subsequently made by the author or by any other third party, even minor changes, and if editors4you.com’s name or Gail Tagarro’s name or any combination of these is mentioned anywhere in relation to the book (e.g. in acknowledgements, or on an Amazon book description, or any other place), the names above can only be included if editors4you.com has done a final proofread before the book is published. After the final proofread, no further editorial (wording) changes to the manuscript are to be made by any other party, including the designer. If further editorial changes are made, editors4you.com reserves the right to do a further proofread, or to ask the author to withdraw editors4you.com's/Gail Tagarro's name from the book or from any promotional material relating to the book. The cost of the proofread will depend on the extent of changes. editors4you.com is willing to provide up to one (1) hour’s proofreading at no charge, but will charge at the current going rate for any longer period required for the proofread.


  1. Will take all reasonable steps to ensure work is of a high quality
  2. Does not guarantee acceptance of content for publication and cannot be held liable for lack of same
  3. Cannot be held responsible for changes made to the document by the client or other third party and is not responsible for any decisions regarding publication or other actions based on this document
  4. Keeps all client information strictly confidential and retains such information solely for the purposes of carrying out work as commissioned by the client. Clients may request that documents be destroyed after a job has been completed. If this instruction is not received, editors4you.com may retain a copy of the client's documents for backup purposes only. No information will be passed to third parties, unless at the express request of the client
  5. Bears no responsibility whatsoever for any circumstances beyond editors4you.com's control that prevent editors4you.com from completing the project (e.g. power cuts/black-outs/the corruption of files). In these circumstances, editors4you.com bears sole discretion to award the client a refund of monies paid
  6. Bears no responsibility whatsoever for bugs or file corruptions that cause problems or changes in documents (often in relation to formatting/layout), including those that occur after editors4you.com has returned the completed document to the client, because these are outside the control of editors4you.com. editors4you.com will assist the client to rectify these problems to the best of their ability
  7. Reserves the right to refuse to quote for or to accept work that editors4you.com deems to be offensive or objectionable, suspects to be plagiarised or considers cannot be completed before the client’s deadline
  8. Will not work with content that has been plagiarised. If, in the course of the project, editors4you.com determines that sections of a document have been plagiarised, these sections will not be worked on. Plagiarism is presenting the words or ideas of others as if they were the client's own (for example, copying the work of another author word for word without indicating that it is a direct quotation). Clients will be notified of sections that editors4you.com deems to have been plagiarised and advice will be given on how the client can rectify the situation. The client is not entitled to a refund regardless of the number of words contained in plagiarised sections that have not been edited because editors4you.com will have performed work in relation to these sections, in accordance with these Terms and Conditions
  9. Bears no responsibility for any errors or omissions arising because the client did not clearly communicate their requirements
  10. Shall have no liability for any indirect or consequential losses or expenses suffered by the users of this service however these may have been caused.

Contract Termination 

editors4you.com may terminate a project at any time for any reason.

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